The Team

Executive Management & Company Officers:

David Farmer - President

Tim Houston -Chief Operating Officer

Finance & Administration:

Julie Brinn - Director of Finance

Samantha Phillips - Senior Accountant

Sales Management

Joel Jaeger - SVP, Sales

Tom Bradshaw - Director of Sales (East)

Frank Nasso - Director of Sales (FL) 

Lance Kegelman - Director of Sales (West) 

Colleen Finger - Regional Sales Manager (Southeast)

Dana Strom - Regional Sales Manager (Northeast)

Sean Briand - Regional Sales Manager (South Central)

Michael Conn - Regional Sales Manager (North Central)


Zeb Egger - Regional Sales Manager - (TX/OK/AR/CO/NM)

Adam Folden - Regional Sales Manager - (Houston/LA)

Ken Coles - Area Manager - TN, KY

Joe Fico - Area Manager - NY

Corey Herzog - Area Manager - MN/NE

Annamaria Jeanty - Area Manager - South FL

Randi Muller - Area Manager - AL/North FL

John Kerr - Area Manager IL 

Clay Farmer - Sales Assistant (Southeast)

Tray Bradley - Area Sales Manager MN, ND, SD, NE

Michael Shepard - Area Manager, CA

Gabriela Chavez - Area Manager Los Angeles, CA

Frank Quattrocci - Market Manager San Diego, CA

Marketing, Sales Support, & Operations:

Monica Gray - SVP of Marketing

Mindy Ogle - Promotions Manager

Brittany Sullivan - Marketing Coordinator

Maric Salocker - Marketing Coordinator 

Kaleb Travis - Business Analyst 

Coti Howell - Social Strategist

Maric Salocker - Digital Designer


Mark Andrews - Chairman - Savvy Drinks

Ro Sessa - President - Savvy Drinks

John Ziembicki - Project Manager - Savvy Drinks

Board of Directors:

Kenny Chesney - Chairman & Chief Brand Officer

John Beaudette

Frank Bumstead

Joe Galante

Clint Higham

John Potts

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